Oceanico Huatulco offers boat tours to see the best of Huatulco National Park, snorkel the reefs, go dolphin and whale watching while supporting conservation.


Discover our marine paradise with Oceanico Huatulco. Offshore encounters with dolphins and snorkeling in coral reefs with our team of marine biologists. We offer daily boat tours for the best snorkeling adventures in Huatulco. Dolphin and Snorkel Adventures takes you offshore where we find dolphins, turtles, manta rays, even tropical whales and then we snorkel in the best coral reefs of the Huatulco National Park.

From December 15 to March 23 we offer Whale Watching tours to celebrate the return of the Humpback whales to Huatulco.

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Our boat for bay tours, dolphin and whale watching or snorkeling trips in Huatulco.


Our oceanic adventures boat, Stenella, was built in 2022 for off shore cruising. It is 8.6m long, has a 140hp engine and complete marine electronics package. There is an observation tower, a bathroom, a canvas roof and cushioned seating for up to 8 people. We also have a hydrophone to listen to the dolphins and whales. Stenella is registered with the Huatulco National Park as a certified tourism boat.

Oceanico Huatulco offers responsible tours that support dolphin and whale conservation in Huatulco.


Oceanico Huatulco is the snorkeling tour operation of our parent organization, Oceanico.org. Oceanico is dedicated to the conservation of dolphins and whales in Huatulco through research, scientific collaboration and public participation. When you choose our snorkeling tours you are directly supporting the conservation of dolphins and whales.

‘We inspire respect and care for the marine environment in Huatulco through educational and transformative experiences’.

Oceanic species of dolphins, turtles, oceanic rays and whales in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Huatulco has a vibrant ocean ecosystem due to its location, where the Gulf of Tehuantepec meets the Pacific Ocean and only 7nm from the Mesoamerican Trench. While exploring offshore our snorkeling tours we see dolphins, turtles and even tropical whales. During the coastal cruise through Huatulco National Park we explore the vibrant coral reefs and snorkel with the tropical fish. See the best of both ocean ecosystems with our team of marine biologists!