hydrophone to listen to whales and dolphins


listen to whales and dolphins

Oceanico Huatulco uses a hydrophone to listen for dolphins and whales. Discover the difference hearing their world makes in your experience. The hydrophone is an underwater microphone specially designed to listen to the communication of cetaceans. We can hear the many songs, chirps, squeals and clicks of dolphins and whales. It connects to the boats stereo so all our customers can listen. This is a more complete experience, fully immersed in their world with sight and sound. The range is several kilometers so the hydrophone helps us find more whales and dolphins than on any other tour. The recordings are used for our cetacean research, so tours also support our research. Take our tour and see what a difference having a hydrophone makes to complete your dolphin and whale watching experience.

Hydrophone to listen to pods of dolphins in Huatulco.
hydrophone to listen to whales and dolphins

Hydrophone Benefits

There are many benefits to the hydrophone. Imagine floating alongside a pod of wild dolphins and not just watching their activity, but listening to their communications as they feed, travel or socialize. This allows us to immerse our clients more deeply in the thrill of whale watching with a more complete experience. You can learn the sounds of different species of whales and dolphins, while gaining a greater understanding of their complex lives and the importance of minimizing acoustic disturbance in the cetacean environment.
Some of the ways Oceanico Huatulco helps protect and conserve whales and dolphins is by limiting our sound footprint. We have a smaller boat at only 28 feet which creates less ambient noise. Our outboard motors channel sound above the water, thus creating less noise pollution in the underwater environment. Finally, we operate our whale watching boat at very low speeds around the whales and dolphins, keeping engine noise down and minimizing potential acoustic conflict.