Oceanic Rays in Huatulco, Oaxaca.

Oceanic Rays

• the species of oceanic rays that we see •

Mobula rays can be seen leaping from the ocean during their migration in Huatulco.
Mobula Ray

Mobula munkiana

Moula rays can be 1.3 meters wide, weigh 25 kg, and their lifespan is unknown. They are filter feeders and pelagic.

We may see giant mantas on our Huatulco dolphin and whale watching tours.
Giant Manta
Mobula birostris

Giant mantas can be 7 meters wide, weigh 3,000 kg and live 45 years. They are filter feeders and pelagic.

Eagle rays can be seen swimming over the sand next to the reefs in Huatulco National Park.
Eagle Rays
Aetobatus narinari

Eagle rays can measure 3 meters across, weigh 230 kg, and live for 25 years. Their diet consists mainly of molluscs from sandy oceanic environments.