Before we started collecting data on cetaceans in Huatulco, most people thought that humpback whales were here only in January and February. Last season we observed humpback whales from November 6 to April 19. This year the first humpback whale was observed on October 31.

The dates proposed by the Mexican Government for whale watching in Huatulco are from December 15 to March 21. During these dates we see whales on almost all of our excursions.

These gentle giants return to tropical waters each year to mate and give birth to their young. This population is the Central American group that enjoys a tropical winter between Oaxaca and northern Panama. In summer they travel to northern California to feed.

Whale Watching Season

Huatulco Whale Watching Season

sightings by species

During the whale watching season in Huatulco we see humpback whales, dolphins, sea turtles and more.

The best time to see humpback whales is during the official whale watching season in Huatulco. Last season we saw humpback whales on almost all of our tours during the official season dates. We also saw humpback whales outside of those dates most days between mid-November and mid-April.

We normally see dolphins on almost every tour. There are several resident species and many other transient species. Many times there are pods of hundreds of dolphins. Sea turtles are very common, we usually see several on each trip. We see Bryde’s whales a few times per month throughout the year and commonly during the winter months when sardines (their favorite prey) are plentiful. Bryde’s whales are the second most common whale species in Huatulco. It is a baleen whale that is found only in tropical and temperate seas.