Whale Watching Tours in Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Whale watching tours are available during the official Huatulco whale watching season which is every year from December 15 to March 23. These are the official dates based on the humpback whale migration. Every year whales return to our coasts, their winter home, to mate and give birth to their calves.

Oceanico Huatulco is a certified whale watching tour operator and during the tours our team of marine biologists collects data for Proyecto Megaptera. We are the only organization that has a spotter at the lighthouse who finds whales and sends the boat directly to them. There is also an underwater microphone to listen to humpback whales communicating and singing.

Private tour rates are for the whole boat for 4 hours with space for 8 guests. If you prefer a longer private tour; to explore more of the oceanic realm or to add visiting the bays of the National Park for snorkeling contact us for a personalized quote.

tours • 2 hours

pesos900adults (12+)
  • +/- $49 USD
  • kids 600 pesos (3-11)
  • min 4/max 8 guests

private • 2 hours

  • +/- $279 USD
  • max 8 guests
  • additional hours 1200 pesos
Whale Watching Season


During whale watching season in Huatulco, we typically see humpback whales on over 90% of our tours. The season actually consists of two parts: the southern migration and the northern migration. The southern migration begins in early November and continues until early January. During this part of the season we usually encounter adult whales several kilometers offshore and we often see mating competitions. The northern migration begins in late January and continues until mid-April. During the second part of the season we whales migrating north and mothers with their calves. The whales are usually very close to shore during this part of Huatulco’s whale watching season.